Five Simple Signs that a House has Foundation Problems

Purchasing or building a house is the most expensive investment that is made by an individual in his or her lifetime. The house needs to have the strongest foundation to withstand for long. Without a strong foundation, a house starts to have several problems leading to leaks and in the worst case, the collapse of the structure. Therefore, knowing about the signs of foundation problems and spotting them early can not only save time and money to a great extent but also protect the house from further problems. This article provides access to the list of common signs showcasing a problem with the foundation of a house.

  • Cracks in the bricks and walls

While some hairline cracks are nothing to be concerned about, small and large cracks in the bricks and walls of the house indicate that there are significant issues with the foundation including excessive water pressure or a shifting foundation. Ceiling cracks, protruding bricks, and cracks around windows, and doorways also point toward foundation problems.

  • Cracks in the floor tiles

Similar to the cracks in the walls of the building, cracking ceramic or porcelain floor tiles is another key sign indicating the problems with the foundation. The reason for the cracking of the floor tile racks is the uneven pressure caused due to shifting foundation. While there is no need to worry about single tile cracking, cracks in multiple tiles are an indicator for hiring a contractor to check the foundation of the structure.

  • Damp walls and leaks

One of the major signs of foundation problems is the damped walls and leaks. Excessive moisture in the walls acts as a welcome area for insects and rodents and can also cause serious structural damage.

  • Doors and windows that stick

When there is an issue with the foundation of the structure, it can make the door frame and window frame of the house look uneven. As a result, doors, and windows start to stick whenever trying to open or close them. In addition to this, doors and windows might not latch correctly because they shift or bulge slightly due to the increased pressure from the stressed walls of the house.

  • Uneven structure

To know if the structure of the house is uneven, it is suggested to take a look at the property from the distance. In case there is any sinkage or settling, it can be seen that the flooring or the roofline of the house is no longer even and straight. While uneven bottoms of the building might seem like a minor issue, they can lead to the failure of a bloated foundation. The foundation might no longer be strong enough to support the weight of the building.


It is the foundation that carries the entire weight of the house. Any problem with the foundation can result in leaks, welcome insects, and rodents, and also severely damage the structure. In case a house is experiencing any of the above-mentioned signs of foundation problems it is recommended to contact a professional contractor to carry out an inspection.