Different Kinds of Standard Garage Door Sizes for Homeowners

Garage doors provide a point of entry and exit to the building, hence ensuring full security measures get put in place. Additionally, the garage doors play a huge role in the aesthetic exterior look of the building, thus the need to seek the services of an expert to deliver an excellent installation service. Standard 2 car garage door size provides homeowners with excellent garage door services that meet their needs. Whether the garage door has an outdated décor, insufficient space, and hasn’t functioned as expected for years, the experts have the skillset to provide excellent service.

Garage doors vary in different ways, making it possible for individuals to get the one that best serves their needs. Size and decoration are some ways that the garage doors differ, and the experts provide qualified assistance to enable individuals to get the best-fit garage door. There are several standard garage door sizes, and the experts provide you with adequate assistance to prevent an individual from picking the wrong ones, which may fail to serve their needs. The different standard sizes include:

Single garage door sizes

A single garage door measures ten by 7 feet, nine by 7, and 8 by 7 feet. The door works perfectly for individuals with a standard home that requires vehicles such as a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), small truck, or van. The single garage door size won’t be ideal for households with multiple or big cars since a large door size would provide the required convenience because large vehicles don’t fit through the single garage doors. For those doing garage renovations, a standard 2-car garage door size comes in handy compared to a single garage door size.

Double garage door sizes

Double garage door sizes come with the safety and security of multiple or larger vehicles while giving individuals the space convenience. However, the standard 2 car garage door size measures 16 by 7, 14 by 7, and 12 by 7 feet, and the measurements get determined by garage door manufacturers, which creates a massive challenge for individuals with unique size garage measurements. The Texas Overhead Door experts provide standard 2 car garage door size clients with the necessary assistance to get the required door size that fits their garage space despite the unique measurements, which pose a significant challenge.

Recreational vehicle garage door size

The garage space is very different for a recreational vehicle from those who own standard 2-car garage door size vehicles. Therefore, the contractors use an excellent architectural plan when designing the recreational vehicle garage door size to create enough space for the big vehicle.

Commercial garage door sizes

Commercial garage doors get used in companies and organizations, and it measures 24 feet by 1 inch and 32 feet by 2 inches in width. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the number and sizes of the vehicles owned by the company when designing a commercial garage door size to get a big enough structure to contain all the cars.