Common Benefits & Drawbacks Of Wool Rugs That Rug Shoppers Should Know About!

If you’re looking to purchase a new area rug for your home or business, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the countless available options online. Getting the perfect area rug can often be a lot easier said than done, and this is particularly the case when you’re interested in placing wool rugs within your property.

Wool rugs are known for being top-quality options for rug shoppers, and this is partly because these rugs typically match everyone’s lifestyle. However, there are many common benefits and drawbacks to wool rugs that rug shoppers should be aware of before they commit to this popular rug material.

Below is a comprehensive overview detailing the benefits and drawbacks of wool area rugs!

Common Benefits of Wool Rugs

Wool is widely known for being one of the most luxurious rug materials in today’s marketplace, and its luxury comes from many good reasons.

Some of the most common benefits of purchasing wool rugs include:

  1. Flexibility & Durability

Wool is known for being more reliable, durable, elastic, flexible and resilient than most other rug fibers.

This increased amount of durability and flexibility is largely due to the material’s natural crimp that makes it able to maintain its shape while withstanding heavy amounts of pressure.

  1. Flame-Resistant

Wool has moisture within it that helps it be flame-resistant. Although it’s technically possible for wool rugs to catch on fire, it’s safe to say that cigarette burns and other common household flames will pose minimal damages on wool area rugs.

  1. Comfy, Cozy, Cool & Warm

Wool rugs are capable of keeping your home warm and cozy during winter, and it can also cool down your property during summer. This is because wool has unparalleled insulating properties, and wool is also capable of regulating indoor humidity.

This also means that wool rugs can help improve a home’s indoor air quality!

  1. Water-Resistant

The waxy scales on wool fibers allow for wool rugs to be water-resistant.

This means that water droplets from spills will fall off wool fibers and won’t be easily absorbed, which isn’t the case for many other common rug materials!

  1. Reduced Static Electricity

Wool’s moisture retention features make wool rugs less prone to producing static electricity, which is an important factor for rug shoppers due to the rug absorbing less dirt.

This means that wool rugs tend to stay cleaner as compared to other rugs!

  1. Home Décor Versatility

Another great advantage of wool rugs is that they can be placed just about anywhere within your home.

Wool rugs are even great for high-traffic areas like bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, foyers, dining rooms and kitchens. Although wool rugs might not be the best option for outdoor patios or bathrooms due to their ability to absorb moisture, they’re very versatile options for anyone’s home décor.

Common Drawbacks of Wool Rugs  

It’s normal to get excited about the idea of purchasing a new wool rug for your home, but there are some drawbacks that rug shoppers should simply be aware of before pulling the trigger on their next area rug investment.

Some of the common drawbacks of wool rugs include:

  1. Moth Attraction

Because wool is a natural rug fiber, rug owners need to be aware of the possibility of moth attacks. Moths are attracted to wool because it’s a source of protein for them, so if you ever see moths on a wool rug, it’s a serious red flag that you need to take immediate action.

  1. Vulnerable To Certain Spills

A lot of people don’t know this, but wool rugs are actually pretty vulnerable to staining when they’re exposed to fluids with a similar chemical makeup.

Wool is made of natural protein, which means things like meat juices, blood and coffee are more likely to stain a wool rug. This is why you must always clean your wool rug immediately in order to prevent stains.

  1. No Store-Bought Cleaning Products

Wool rugs also require special upkeep and cleaning care as compared to other rug materials, and this is mainly because wool is particularly sensitive to alkaline chemicals.

These common cleaning chemicals can actually discolor wool rugs or make them feel brittle, so it’s never recommended to use store-bought cleaning products on your wool rugs. Instead, you’ll need to invest in top-quality cleaning agents or professional rug cleaning services.

  1. Sun Fading

It’s also important to limit how much sunlight your wool rugs receive, because intense sunlight on a daily basis can cause wool rugs to fade.

  1. Not Good For Damp Rooms

It’s not recommended to place wool rugs in areas of your home that experience high levels of moisture, because wool is susceptible to mold and mildew.

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