Why Install Splashbacks?

Have you ever noticed how dirty the wall gets behind the kitchen sink? If you haven’t installed a splashback, this is something that you have to deal with. Every time you wash dishes in the kitchen sink, there’s a risk that small splashes and droplets of soapy water will hit the wall and leave a mark. Most people just resort to repainting their walls after every few months. However, a better option would be to install a kitchen splashback. Splashbacks are a much better option than having to paint the walls again and again.

A kitchen splashback is basically a pane of glass that is installed just a bit in front of the main wall. Because it’s glass, cleaning it won’t be a problem. Secondly, the splashbacks will prevent the walls of the kitchen from getting dirty. On top of that, splashbacks aren’t just available as simple, transparent panes of glass. You can easily choose from a variety of different options such as stained glass, painted glass, and a lot more. Even coloured glass panes are an option. There are many reasons why you should consider installing glass splashbacks in your house. If you are looking for high quality Perth glass, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from. Here are just a few things that you should know about installing splashbacks.

Brighten up the Space

One of the reasons why you should consider installing glass splashbacks is that they will greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. If you want to brighten up the space and make it look more stylish, you should definitely consider installing splashbacks. As mentioned above, they are available in a multitude of different colours. You can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen and other spaces by installing splashbacks.


Another major reason why you should consider installing glass splashbacks is because they offer increased protection to the walls of your kitchen. Most of the companies that offer glass installation services can install the splashbacks for you. If you need to protect the walls of the kitchen or the bathroom, you can simply install the splashbacks in between. These splashbacks are usually priced per square metre, and the glass can be painted as you wish. Cut outs are going to cost you a little bit more, so it’s important that you choose accordingly. Because there are so many options to consider, it’s generally recommended that you ask for quotes from different companies when making your decision.

Buy a Complete Package

Instead of purchasing different pieces of glass and then hiring someone else for the installation, you should consider buying the complete package. There are a number of companies that offer splashbacks and glass installation at affordable price points. You have to do your research and compare prices from various options before you make your decision. Overall, installing the glass splashbacks won’t take a long time, so you will be done with all of the work within a day or two.