What Are Some Of The Herbs To Grow Indoors?

Fresh herbs can also survive the winter without too much exposure to cold drafts. They can be kept indoors year-round if you provide adequate sunlight and protect them from the cold. To keep them nourished and happy, place them in containers and cover them with soil. You can also design a windowsill herb garden by adding plants into plain pots, which you can use as cachepots. We have a wide range of herbs to grow indoors.


One of the most important herbs in the world, basil is an easy-to-grow plant that can be used in various ways. It can get used in various ways, such as in salad dressings and sauces. To make its pesto, cut the leaves off the plant and add them to your favorite dishes. Basil also likes bright light and heat.

Keep the basil plants away from cool, drafty areas during winter. It’s a short-term herb to grow indoors, so expect to use it for several weeks. To ensure a steady supply, you can also plant new seeds every couple of weeks.

Bay Laurel 

The leaves of this Mediterranean plant are an essential part of any dish, and they can get used in various ways. To ensure a steady supply, you can also plant new seeds every couple of weeks. It’s also important to keep the plants in a bright window to prevent diseases. You can use a combination of organic and non-toxic chemicals to control pests.


The versatile flavor of thyme makes it an essential part of any dish and can be used in various ways. Its trailing stems and tiny leaves also make it an ideal herb to grow indoors. Place the plant in a warm window to keep it happy and healthy.


The scent of rosemary can transport you to warmer climates after a cold winter day. The needled leaves can be used in various dishes, such as chicken, pork, and soup. It’s also delicious in cream and tomato sauce. Rosemary can tolerate hot summer weather but prefers colder temperatures during the winter. Snipping the leaves into several pieces and tossing them into a wide range of recipes is a great way to use this plant.


One of the four herbs used in the French fines herbes blend is chervil, which has an aromatic flavor. It’s an important ingredient in Bénenaise sauce and can be used with various vegetables and fish. To add it to dressings, steep the leaves in white wine vinegar or add them to the final cooking process.

To start chervil seeds, place them in deep pots to allow them to grow their tap roots. After sprouting, keep the plants cool and allow them to get enough sunlight. You can then re-plant the plants every couple of weeks to keep their supply of fresh leaves.


You can easily add a variety of mint plants to your gardens, such as peppermint, spearmint, chocolate, and more. Snip the leaves into several pieces and add them to various dishes, such as desserts and mixed drinks. These plants are very vigorous and can grow to around 2 feet tall. To keep the soil moist, keep it well-ventilated, and give the plants moderate to strong light.