Stock In Style! Latest Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas For Your Home!

You will not find a pantry in most Indian kitchens. In most cases, all the kitchen essentials are stored in jars and kept in cabinets or on shelves. Although it is a good idea and opting for a panty in your kitchen to store all the essential items is better. A pantry will allow you to store all the items in one place. You do not have to go through all the cabinets to find what you need. Further, items stored in the pantry are easily accessible. In small kitchens, when you store a lot of items on shelves, the space appears cluttered. Since all the items in the pantry can stay hidden, you do not have to worry about your kitchen decor appearing cluttered. If you are not sure about the kitchen pantry design you should choose for your modular kitchen, here are a few ideas you can consider:

01 of 06 Design a pantry where you can store all your essentials

A pantry can offer you various storage solutions. You can get it customised as well to ensure it caters to all your needs. Hence, you must first determine the items you want to store in your pantry. If you want to store all your kitchen items, always choose a large pantry that offers sufficient space. Many pantries provide many racks, glass-hanging space, hooks, etc. for making use of the space more effectively. They allow you to store multiple items in an organised manner and prevent clutter. From small herb jars, cereal boxes to mugs and glasses, you can store almost anything in this type of kitchen pantry design.

02 of 06 Choose a narrow pantry for small kitchens

Accommodating a pantry in small kitchens can be difficult. However, this does not mean you have to skip one completely. There are many narrow pantry designs available as well that can easily fit into small spaces. As a result, sufficient space is still available in the kitchen for the smooth flow of traffic and you can store all the kitchen essentials in one place. In a small kitchen design, always be smart with the position of the pantry to ensure maximum utilisation of space.

03 of 06 Make use of the corner space effectively

Small kitchen decor designs should be designed very carefully. It is very important to make use of space efficiently to make the kitchen design more functional and aesthetically appealing. In most cases, the corners of the kitchen get ignored. This is because making use of the corners effectively can be quite tricky. To use the corners properly in your small modular kitchen design, you can opt for various corner storage solutions. They will easily fit in any corner and offer you plenty of space for storage. You can also opt for customised storage solutions for the corner space.

04 of 06 Use a refurbished bookcase

If you want to create more storage in your kitchen, you will have to make a lot of expenses. In case you have a small budget and cannot opt for new storage solutions, you can always get creative and come up with unique storage solutions for your kitchen. Using old furniture pieces lying around in the house can be a great option for this purpose. A bookcase can prove to be very beneficial in this case. If you love making DIY decor, you will love this idea. It is better if you get a bookcase that has an open front. Just repaint the bookcase and ensure that all the items stored in it can be easily accessible.

05 of 06 Get a walk-in pantry

If you have a large kitchen design, you can opt for a walk-in pantry for your kitchen. Although you will find walk-in pantry designs in small kitchens as well, it is best suited in large spaces. A walk-in pantry design is one of the most popular options you can choose for your kitchen. Compared to the rest of the pantry design, this is more spacious and allows you to store plenty of items. In this type of pantry design, you open the door and walk into a small room where all your essential items are stored. Also, they are clearly visible and easily accessible. If you want to give the kitchen design a luxurious feel, you can opt for a walk-in kitchen pantry design.

06 of 06 Installing a blackboard

You can make the kitchen pantry more appealing and functional by installing a blackboard. Depending on your preferences, you can install it either on the outside or the inner side of the door. Besides adding more visual interest to the space, you can use it to write down important things so that you do not forget them later. For instance, you can write down the name of ingredients immediately when they get finished so that you do not forget.