Reasons Why One Should Install Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are more efficient than most traditional water heaters. The reason for its popularity is that these water heaters can provide water whenever you require it thereby wasting minimal energy. The traditional tanks were used to store water and the entire tank water got heated even when no one was using it. This wasted a lot of energy as the heaters had to reheat the water when needed.

Try to choose a good filter

There are a few different options for the filters. But one should focus on installing those tankless water heater filters that are capable of removing the sediments. So, the cartridge-type filters are the best. But one needs to be sure that the filter replacement should be a part of the daily maintenance routine. There are smaller inline filters also available that can be installed right before the installation of the tankless heaters. Again the whole house water filters are designed in a way to remove the sediment at a time when it enters the house.

There are three types of filters available based on the ratings:

Absolute Filters

These filters have the best filtration process and are good for those homes where the risk for the bacteria is very high.

Nominal filters

These remove the larger particles and they are as much as 85% efficient. It is the number of microns present in these filters that decide the size of the particles that will be removed.

Beta Ratio Filters

These require very precise planning and therefore, it is not recommended to use them.

Advantages of tankless water heating

There are three main advantages of tankless water heating. You can go through the discussion below to understand these advantages:


The tankless water heaters are very efficient. Some people consider these tankless heaters to be less efficient. But it is the other way round. The traditional heaters that use the resistor coil or the convection tend to use up more energy. The tankless water heater filters have similar average heating performance as that of the traditional gas water heaters; however, these units provide hot water when you need it thus saving a lot of energy.


The tankless water heaters have lesser contact with water. This means that there is much lesser corrosion and scaling in comparison to the traditional water heaters. The average working life of this unit is about 20- 25 years, which means you get a very good return on the amount you invest in these tankless water heater filters.

Space-saving design

These tankless water heaters are not bulky and therefore, they do not need extra space in either your house or your yard. You can simply install them in your house and you need not bother about the excessive heat levels. Moreover, these can also be relocated in the future, if one needs some extra space.


If you properly calculate and install the tankless water heaters, they will be much more efficient. They will last longer, save some space in your home and also save some money in the long run.