Plant Propagation Workshop in Singapore: Tips on Growing Your Greenhouse

Plant propagation is a great hobby because you can turn your green thumb into an opportunity. Plant propagation workshops offer hands-on training on propagating plants from seeds or cuttings and taking home your terrarium with all the supplies needed! The Plant Propagation Workshop in Singapore is the perfect event for those who want to learn about growing their plants!

The Plant Propagation Workshop in Singapore offers activities like: 

  • Plant Propagation 101: In this course, participants will learn about plant propagation and the importance of a good environment for your plants.
  • Plant Propagation 201: Plant Propagation workshop teaches participants more intense propagating plants, including grafting, layering, and air layering. Plant Propagation 201 also discusses the importance of soil for your plants and propagation techniques like using root hormones. Learn how to propagate cuttings, take-home supplies like propagating mats, pots, seeds, and more!
  • Plant Propagation 301: Plant Propagation 301 will teach participants about the different potting media available and what to look for when choosing a new one.
  • Terrarium Workshop Singapore: Planting succulents in a terrarium is an easy way to give yourself or someone else a living gift. Participants will learn how to create a terrarium with succulents and get hands-on experience in planting their own!
  • Mini Plant Propagation Workshop: Plant propagation for kids and families
  • Terrarium Making 101: Planting your terrarium with a fun activity!
  • Bonsai Plant Care 101: The basics of bonsai plant care, including the watering schedule.

This Plant Propagation Workshop is an opportunity for participants of all ages and gardening levels to come to see, touch, smell (yes!), taste, hear about the process of plant propagation.

Suppose you can’t make it to Singapore, no worries! You can still join the Plant Propagation Workshop by watching a live stream of the event – all from your home or office on any device with an internet connection!