Is it Time for You to Remove That Old Tree in Your Front Yard?

Do you have a tree in your front yard that looks as if it could fall down the next time there’s a strong wind? Nobody enjoys having to cut down his or her trees but there are certain times when it’s absolutely necessary. If you have some old trees on your property but you don’t know for sure if you should remove them, then keep reading to learn about when it’s time for you to hire an experienced tree removal service.

You Planted the Wrong Tree

There are certain types of trees that will only thrive in specific regions of the world. If you planted a tree that doesn’t belong, it’s not going to grow and will become stagnant and unappealing. If this happens, you should get into contact with a tree removal service.

Hanging Branches

If there are branches that hang over your home, it’s imperative that you contact a company that does tree clearing in Perth immediately. If there’s a rough storm, one of those branches could break off and land on your roof, potentially causing some serious damage. You may not want to pay a company to clear your trees but you certainly don’t want to have to shell out the money for a new roof.

Trees with Invasive Roots

The roots of a tree grow horizontally and vertically. If you have a tree that has roots that grow horizontally, you can run into the risk of them damaging parts of your property. Horizontal roots can grow into your plumbing pipes and they can even lift up your concrete driveway. If you have horizontal roots that are becoming invasive, you should call a tree removal company as soon as you possibly can.

Diseased Trees

Did you know that trees can get diseases just as humans can? Diseased trees are bad for your property because their infection can spread to other trees. If you see the following signs of a diseased tree, make sure to call a tree removal service immediately:

  • The tree’s roots are rotting.
  • The tree has a rotten trunk or branches.
  • The leaves are discoloured and lacking veins.
  • The leaves have strange bumps on them.


If you begin to notice that there is fungi growing on the tree’s trunk, then your tree might not be healthy so it’s important to call tree removal specialists to take it down.

Dying trees aren’t exactly the prettiest things out there but there’s a greater reason why they need to be removed. Trees that are dead or are in the process of dying can pose a serious threat to your home or, even worse, to your loved ones. Don’t risk your roof being destroyed by a falling tree limb; contact a tree removal company today!