How to Get Creative With Your Garden Storage

It’s commonplace for households with sufficient space in their gardens to store their belongings in a shed. However, not everyone has got enough room to fit a shed in their garden, leading them to use less traditional forms of storage. On top of that, some people might not like the idea of a storage shed, especially if their stored belongings are only going to be there for a limited period of time. Regardless of your situation, here are some clever ideas to keep your belongings stored away without the need for building a traditional garden shed:

  • Building a storage wall: If you’ve got a garage in your house, you’ll likely be surprised by the number of things you can fit in it. Rather than storing your items in the corner of your garage (which will take up a lot of space), as most people do, you might decide to stick them on the wall using hooks. This is especially useful when storing garden tools, such as spades, rakes, hammers and shears, but also for coats and other items that you see fit. You’ll be surprised about how much space you can save. Oh, and if done right, then it also looks really neat!
  • Put storage benches in your garden: You’ve probably already got benches in your garden, but have you ever thought about storing things underneath them. Although it might require you to buy specially designed storage benches, this is a fantastic way to save space while keeping your items in close reach. One potential problem that you might face with this, though, is that if your benches are not of decent quality, then rainwater is likely to penetrate them, causing your items to get wet/damp. This might not matter, though, depending on what you choose to store in your benches.
  • Build a log cabin: If space isn’t a problem for you, but you’d still like to build an alternative to a garden then, then multipurpose log cabins might be for you. You may be wondering how a log cabin differs from a garden shed. Well, to start with, they are much more sophisticated. Consider it an extension of your house, but isolated from all its noise and distractions. Depending on the size of your log cabin, you’ll be able to use it for storage, as well as something else – such as an art room, an office, a home cinema or otherwise. This is also the perfect idea for you if you only need temporary storage, as you’ll be able to use that space for another purpose once your items have gone.
  • Build a storage box in your front garden: With a little bit of wood, metal and some padlocks, you’ll be able to build a significantly sized storage space in front of your house, and it won’t be too expensive either! However, you’ll have to have a front garden in order to be able to do this. Fortunately, many people in the UK do, and as such, this is a possibility for many.