Great Helpful Ideas to Grow Healthy Appealing Houseplants

While you are growing houseplants, you are enriching the interiors of your home as well as improving the air quality. The benefits of keeping houseplants have lured numerous home owners to grow healthy indoor plants.

Few well known advantages of keeping interior home plants:

  • Makes breathing easier for the inhabitants of the home. As the oxygen levels inside the house increases. It happens due to the photosynthesis process in plants which emits oxygen. Thus, more the plants at home, your breathing will become easier.
  • Purifying air – Many researchers and medical professionals advise to give importance to grow indoor plants in plenty. The prime reason is that plants clear the pollution of the air surrounding us. The natural toxin removers are best to be planted in every corner of the room especially in the living room and bedroom.

  • Help in maintaining the moisture at home. During the photosynthesis process water vapor is released. Thus, humidity in the room increases, keeping the inner atmosphere cool in summer. The presence of moisture in the air helps in eliminating the respiratory problems.

As there are innumerable plants present in the nursery, it isn’t easy to know which plants will be best to be placed indoors. Few popular indoor plants are Pothos, Spider plant, English ivy, Snake plant, Aloe vera, Rubber tree, Jade plant and succulents.

Few guidelines on how to care for the plants to enhance the beauty of your home:

  • The prime factor to consider is the kind of houseplant to choose. Aloe vera will need little sunshine, thus keeping it near the window or in a corner sunny table in the portico will be perfect. You can hang spider plants from the ceiling which gives a greenhouse effect. Succulents can be placed in artistic bowl to be kept in your living room or on your dining table.

Pothos or money plant can be hanged over the railings of balconies and window frames as they are climbers. If you have sunny apartment then you can place varied kind of succulents in any corner, side tables and over the fireplace.  In small apartment keeping small bushy plants or climbers will give a cozy touch whereas in spacious home keeping Rubber trees colorful blooming small plants will make the space more welcoming.

  • Choose the right kind of containers. The basic facts to consider are the size, material and the color of the container suitable for plants. Bigger the growth, the container needs to be wide and small bowl-shaped pots will also be appropriate.
  • Potting soil should be of good quality. You can get the soil pack from local nursery or from online sources at reasonable cost.
  • Buy fertilizers and pest control products to keep the plants safe from flies and insects.
  • Watering the plants should be done carefully. Never let the water remain in the tray plate for many hours as there are chances of germs multiplying in it.

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