Furnaces are simple appliances that help to warm up your home. Different components which make up the furnace helps to produce and circulate the heat throughout the house. The thermostat, burner, heat exchanger, blower and ductwork are the crucial components that make up a furnace. Each component is extremely crucial. When one part malfunctions, the whole furnace ceases to function properly. At this point, you need to reach out to an experienced technician. The experts at AirMakers are just a call away. They will carry out the repair work needed to fix the furnace. Each component in the furnace has a specialized function.

The thermostat works by informing the furnace about the set temperature. The burner is where the heat is produced. A heat exchanger works to ensure that the heat reaches the room. The task of the blower to blow this produced warm air through the ducts installed throughout the house. The blower pushes the air in the ducts through the fans that are attached to it. When the blower stops working, no warm air will reach the room. As a homeowner, one should be aware of the appliances that make your home comfortable. Here are the three different types of furnace blowers that are available.


Single Speed – PSC Blowers

These blowers are single speed and reply on the AC city electricity. They use it in the AC form and work on the same frequency. Compared to the blower motors available 20 years ago, these blowers are about 30% more efficient. One of their significant cons is that the blowers are loud and don’t add to the comfort.


Multi-Speed Motors – ECM X13

Electronically Communicated motors or ECM work to convert the AC power to DC. These motors have a lower power consumption and are more efficient when compared to Single speed blowers. They use the DC power that helps to bring about modification in the speed of the motor. Though it provides variable speed, there are only four-speed settings. Being a multi-speed motor, it is bound to be more energy-efficient. During low heating and speed stages, this type of motor performs exceptionally well.


True Variable Speed – ECM

As the name suggests, this type of motor offers truly variable speed. It is four times more energy efficient in comparison to the ECM X13. As the motor offers variable speed, there are multiple speed settings. There is a provision to increase the speed in tiny increments. The ECM motors are used in the Carrier’s INFINITY furnace models.


Reach out to the experts        

The type of blower will impact the heating of the house. The stronger the blower, the lesser the chances of being cold spots in the house. Whether the motor needs repair or replacement, the experts from AirMakers will take care of it. They will come over at a time convenient to you and carry out a check. The repair or replacement would be carried out accordingly.