Commercial Demolition: Important Aspects to Consider

Many commercial developments begin with the demolition of an old structure that is to make way for a new development, and when looking to remove an existing structure, there are several aspects to take into account. Of course, building demolition is a highly specialised industry that always puts safety above everything else, and whether you are looking for controlled demolition in Derby or Birmingham, an online search will reveal the whereabouts of a local demolition expert.

  1. Scope of the Project – Of course, every development is unique in many ways, and the first thing to do is assess the scope of the project. Deciding exactly what is to be removed, and ascertaining the risk of encountering hazardous materials, which is always a danger when taking down old buildings. Asbestos or fibreglass could very well be present and the best way to determine this is for some special testing, which the demolition contractor can handle.
  2. Access – This is a critical aspect of any demolition project, and if there are access issues, specialist equipment might have to be used. Heavy machinery is used whenever possible, however, there are times when structures must come down little by little, which might involve considerable manual labour. Heavy demolition equipment cannot be deployed if there are nearby structures, so the demolition expert needs to carry out a detailed survey.
  3. Underground Surveying – It is vital that you know exactly where the utilities are located, and an underground survey will reveal all, along with anything else that might be present, such as disused sewers.

Talk to a local demolition expert, and they can survey the site and quote for the project.