Certifying Your Swimming Pool

There are a lot of factors that go into selling a home. People tend to focus on things like the kitchen or the bathrooms. But there are exterior factors that can come into play as well, such as whether or not there is a pool installed.

But it is not as simple as pointing to the fact that there is a pool. More and more potential buyers are wanting to know whether or not their pool enclosures are compliant. Selling a home or leasing it out means ensuring that the pool is properly certified to meet the latest standards.

Certificate of Compliance

That is why it is so important to have the proper pool certification in Baulkham Hills. This certificate of compliance ensures that your pool enclosure is safe. That also means having an accredited certifier come out to your property to inspect your spa or pool.

They will perform an inspection of your enclosure before issuing a certificate of compliance. That certificate of compliance is then included in the sale or lease contract. Most tend to buy a pool or spa for fun but don’t think about the potential safety hazards. And when selling a home with a pool or spa, particularly to a family that has children, it can really make a difference to know that the pool or spa is safely enclosed.

Don’t Lose Out on a Sale

If you are thinking that it is not important to have one of these certificates, think again. If the pool does not comply with the inspection, the owner has around 90 days to complete any work that needs to be done. The inspector will then come out and verify that everything is up to standards.

Do not just skip this part of the process. If a seller is attempting to sell a home that has a spa or pool and does not have one of these certificates, it can result in the sale or lease being lost. At best, it may potentially delay any tenant occupation or sale of that property.

Get ahead of the game and have a certified inspector come out to assess the condition and safety of your pool enclosure. The sooner you get the certification, the sooner that you can move forward with a sale or lease on that property. Don’t put yourself behind the eight-ball by skipping this certification.