6 Different Ways to Keep Deer off Your Property

Deer are a nuisance for many people in terms of their lawns or gardens. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners resort to killing deer when they see them on their property, but there are other ways you can keep the animals away without harming them.

Different Ways to Keep Deer off Your Property:

1) Deer Fence:

A tall, sturdy wood or metal fence can be an effective barrier to deer. You’ll want to make sure that the fencing is at least eight feet high and has no gaps wider than four inches, as these are two of the most common ways for deer to get through fences without leaving obvious signs like droppings or hoof prints.

2) Deer Gates/Posts:

One way to keep the animals out of areas where they don’t belong (such as your garden) is with a gate or post that keeps them from getting any closer to the area you want to be protected. This type of barrier has many names, including “deer stop,” “deer post,” “deer fence posts,” or simply “deer pole.”

The height of this type of barrier varies depending on the region you live in, but it is usually between three and six feet tall. It’s also possible to have deer posts on both sides of a gate for added protection against animals pushing through the space where the two posts meet.

3) Post Drivers:

Another way to keep deer out is with an inexpensive gas powered t post driver ($30-50). This tool will help you drive the posts into the ground while removing any air pockets and solidifying their position so they don’t tip over from strong winds, heavy snowfall, or other elements common to your yard.

4) Scare away deer with sound:

Deer are more likely to stay out of an area if they think there is a predator around. One way you can use this information to your advantage is by using recorded sounds of predators like coyotes, wolves, or even domestic dogs barking.

5) Plant deterrents:

Deer tend to avoid several plants and herbs, such as Coleus Canina (also known as “scaredy cat plant”), lavender, garlic chives, or the herb rue. Therefore, you may need to experiment with different combinations of these natural repellents before you find what works best for your needs.

6) Chemical repellents:

Several commercially available products can help you keep deer off your property. Still, they vary in effectiveness, and many people don’t want to use them because their long-term impact on the environment is unknown.

In conclusion, the key is finding the right combination of methods that works for your situation, so they don’t try any funny business once you’ve put up barriers.