What You Need To Know When Hiring Skip Bins

Are you worried about the amount and type of rubbish you need to dispose of? Are you not sure where to bring the waste for proper disposal? If you are worried about all these things, then hiring a skip bin in Coffs Harbour is a great idea.

These companies are here to provide services related to your rubbish and skip bin needs. Sure, skip bins can be expensive, however it will save you loads of time and be the best solution and fantastic peace of mind.

Hiring skip bins Coffs Harbour comes with many benefits compared to trying other routes when disposing of rubbish. Just in case you have decided to hire a skip bin, here are some of the things you need to know before finally securing a bin:

What is the length of the hire term?

Before signing an agreement, you initially need to know how long you can keep the skip bin for. You have to make sure that the date of the hire covers the time you actually need the bin. Most of the time, companies are charging for a 3-7 day hire period, hence you need to provide them with an exact date as to when you need the bin and when you want it collected.

You have to make sure that before you contact the company, you are already certain of the time you need their bin. You do not want to miscalculate the dates as you will end up paying for penalties or paying for days that you do not need it.

Rubbish to dispose

What type of rubbish are you planning to dispose of? There are many reasons why you need to rent a skip bin, and some of which are the following:

– After a big party

– Garden cleanup 

– For a construction site

– Home renovation

– At a factory

You need to know what waste you plan to put in the bin so that the company can provide you with the right bin and price. Not all waste is charged by the tip at the same rate, thus it is important to be very open with the skip bin hire company to avoid any nasty pricing shocks after it has been dumped.

You do not want to get bins meant for regular rubbish, if you are planning to throw asbestos, hazardous waste, medical/clinical waste, etc.

The company rules and regulations

Before you choose which of the many companies to hire from, you need to know their company rules and regulations first, and more so, the rules of the local tip.

Some of the things you need to focus on are:


When do they charge penalties? Most of the time, companies as such charge penalties when:

– You hire the bin for more days than the standard hire period

– You need to dump things not covered in the normal hire terms like tires, batteries or mattresses

Extra charges

– Excessive weight

– Additional skip bins

– Additional items not covered by the standard hire terms

– Extra days if hire

If you want to have a smooth transaction with the skip bin company, you need to know their rules and regulations, especially those that may require extra fees. You need to be very clear as to the waste you wish to put in the skip bin.