What Is The Crane Renting Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

An individual involved in construction or industrial projects will know the significance of using cranes. In addition to helping in lifting heavy materials and equipment, cranes also aid in improving safety and efficiency. Renting a crane is the easiest way to access different types of cranes for a specific period. But how much do the jib crane rentals cost? Several factors, like the cranes’ size, type, the project’s complexity, etc., affect the crane renting cost. This article sheds light on every critical aspect related to crane renting costs.

What is the Average Cost of Renting a Crane?

The average cost of renting a crane depends on the size and type of crane an individual need. Construction companies can rent a crane for any duration- a day, a week, or a month. The longer the rental period, the more the rent will be. In most cases, the average cost of renting a crane is $1,000 for a single day. And renting a crane for a month can cost around $10,000, so a construction professional should be prepared for a larger budget.

What Factors Affect the Crane Rentals Cost?

Many factors affect the crane rentals cost, and some of these are:

  •       Type of Crane

The cost of renting a crane can vary, depending on the model a person is renting. For instance, small carry deck crane rentals are less expensive than operated, tower, or jib crane rentals.

  •       Lifting Capacity

The more materials and weight a crane can list, the more the rent will cost. For example, some giant mobile cranes can lift over 1,000 tons of weight and, thus, cost more to rent.

  •       Location

Another factor that affects the crane rental cost is location. If the crane needs to travel a long distance to reach the job site, the crane rental cost will be higher, and vice-versa. Even the average crane renting cost varies from state to state.

  •       Duration of Rental

The cost of renting the crane for a longer duration is higher. However, crane rental services offer a discount to rent the vehicle for extended periods, reducing the overall rental cost.

Additional Crane Rental Cost

Besides jib crane rentals cost, a construction business should also consider these additional costs:

  •       Delivery and Assembly

Sometimes, a construction manager rents the cranes to be delivered and assembled at the job site. In such a case, the rental services charge extra costs.

  •       Permits

Some cranes require permits to operate in specific areas. So, construction professionals must check their local jurisdiction for the fees involved.

  •       Qualified Personnel

Every crane requires a certified operator and rigger for safe operation in return for some charges.


Before researching the crane renting or leasing cost, a construction company should determine its needs. Professionals must know what type and size of crane is required, how many cranes are needed, the duration of the rental, and other aspects. Once the crane needs are analyzed, construction managers must get cost estimates from multiple reputed crane renting companies and compare them. Opt for the crane rental service to meet all specified needs at a competitive price.