List of Popular Love Flowers in The World

he offering of flowers should find a place in universal love languages. It is an act that is usually associated with the expression of love. When words fail they help you express your feelings and enhance your desires. Even the most difficult and complex feelings can be expressed with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Especially, when it comes to expressing love for someone special! Whether it is the first love that needs to be celebrated or your 50th wedding anniversary, nothing says ‘I love you’ better than flowers!

We bring you a flower list that can help you express your sweet dovey feelings with ease and style!


Orchids are considered the best romantic flowers that can convey your deepest love to your beloved. how? Orchids are one of the rare flowers that are available in almost every shade. And, in the language of flowers, it is believed that the rarer the flowers you give to your beloved, the deeper your love. So, if you love someone deeply, weave your love story with these beautiful and alluring flowers.


The feeling of first love is a bit crazy when you start feeling all the emotions at once. And tulip blooms are ideal to represent this spirit. The sublime fragrance of beautiful flowers elegantly arranged in a bouquet or bunches will surely make your sweetheart feel even more special.


These gorgeous fringed flowers are a slightly less romantic gesture than roses. Carnations represent love and attraction, making them suitable for a first date or a casual romantic occasion. While light red carnations express admiration and adoration, dark red carnations express deep feelings of love and affection.


According to the Victorian language of flowers, the chrysanthemum is considered the flower of friendship. Chrysanthemum is one the most popular flowers when it comes to conveying true love feelings. So, if you like someone and want to confess your feelings for that person, send him a bouquet of red chrysanthemums which is a symbol of pure love this Valentine’s Day.

 Sweet alyssum

This pleasant flower boasts a sweet fragrance and a calming, spiritual energy, which is said to provide emotional balance at home or office. In addition to being a symbol of beauty, Sweet Alyssum is said to protect a person from hot encounters. A great option for those who are a little down in the dumps and need an immediate pick-me-up.


The flower that symbolizes beauty. Calla lilies in particular represent magnificent beauty, class and style, and are a demonstration of your respect for them as a woman and as a person. Truly nothing can beat such a powerful and uplifting message for a loved one.


Romantic roses are the most popular flowers in the world which are a symbol of true love. Beautiful red rose flowers are available in many colors. However, a bouquet of red roses is perfect to say those three magical words- ‘I love you’ to the love of your life. A dozen red roses are a symbol of perfect love. Consider buying them from a reputed flower shop.


Forget-me-not are a perfect choice for gifting a loved one. These plants signify true love, and as the name implies, they are given in the hope that they (or the sender) will never be forgotten. Many people believe that this plant is a symbol of an authentic love filled with memories.


Peonies stand out as strong symbols of love, romance, beauty and grace. A bunch or bouquet of peonies is a wonderful gift for your crush or lover that shows how deeply you feel for them.

 Blue Violet

These beautiful, warm colored flowers are said to represent trustworthiness.

The blue purple flower is a symbol of trust, affection, intuition and love. If you are looking for romantic flowers, blue violets are a wonderful gift.


Dahlias are famous for their bright and cheerful colors as well as long petals. Actually, dahlias are not actually a flower used to express love. Dahlias are more common to symbolize life’s stages and to take on new challenges that will enrich our minds.


This delightfully fragrant flower represents modesty, love and sensuality, which makes it an extremely romantic flower. Jasmine also symbolizes elegance, nobility and grace.

 Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy is another ‘I love you’ flower that can start your love story on a romantic note. Awarded as the fifth most popular flower in the world, Gerbera daisies represent cheerfulness and innocence. But, a bouquet of red gerbera daisies represents love and desire in a relationship. So, show your love for the person you love with a beautiful bouquet of Gerbera Daisies.

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