Importance of Using a Fall Protection Gantry in a Workplace

Falls are perhaps the leading cause of workplace injury or death. Employees should use fall protection equipment, such as a fall protection gantry, to eliminate the risks associated with working at heights. An overhead support system known as a gantry is made up of freestanding, wheeled legs. These fall-prevention devices are built by qualified engineers to fulfill OSHA safety regulations and are designed to help in the safe lifting of significant things in the workplace. They are capable of carrying both people and goods up to 5500 lb and 11,000 lb, respectively.

What are OSHA Safety Standards for Working at a Height?

Employers must adhere to specific guidelines in order to safeguard their employees and eliminate risks while working at heights. These are:

  • Set up a safe place to work for workers
  • Offering protection tools and gear to prevent workers from falling off of elevated surfaces or hazardous machinery.
  • Fall protection must be fitted correctly and in good condition to reduce injuries.
  • Workers need to be trained on hazards and how to select, use, and maintain the suitable systems and equipment.

How Does a Gantry Help with Fall Protection?

A fall protection gantry can be moved into small spaces or via narrow bay doors to reach the fall danger, covering almost every region of the plant thanks to its adjustable height, span, and caster frame width. Due to its portability, businesses can avoid spending time and money installing fall-prevention equipment around temporary workstations. Also, due to its versatility, this system can be stored discreetly out of the way. This system can also be specially customized for the given facility or working site.


  • Adjustable frame with height, span, and casters
  • Casters with a large diameter for mounting convenience
  • Quick and easy field installation with bolt-together components.
  • Internally tapered track self-center end trucks and trolleys for smooth, silent, and highly ergonomic rolling movement.
  • Designed according to OSHA standards

When is a Fall Protection Gantry Used?

Falling from heights can take place in different forms. It may be falling through an unprotected hole, down a roof, or off a step ladder. Fall Protection Gantry is essential for preventing injuries in such situations. It works best

  • When fall prevention is required only on rare occasions
  • When the needed coverage area is not fixed
  • When an area needs to be accessed by overhead cranes

Importance of Using a Fall Protection System in the Workplace

Accidents lead to wounds, misery, and sometimes even death. This is one of the most apparent reasons for setting up and using the proper safety system, like a fall protection gantry. It has a positive impact on workers. When workers feel secure, their productivity increases, as well as their motivation and efficiency on the job. Once more, excellent work performance lowers expenses and boosts profits. A reputable company achieves success when a project is completed on schedule without any risks or mishaps.


There is a wide variety of fall protection gantries for height safety and fall arrest applications. These are generally custom systems tailored to the needs of the customers. With custom items designed specifically for particular purposes, they can be used for man-riding, fall arrest, or rescue applications.