When building a washroom, it needs to be universal washrooms Toronto. A washroom is a basic right. When building this simple and essential room, it must be accessible to all. Building such a washroom is never easy. There are so many aspects that need to be kept in mind. So many small things that we didn’t know have an impact on the accessibility of the bathroom. Washroom doors are one such thing. The strength and the way it functions impacts the accessibility of the washroom. When the door is heavy, it is a task to open it. It requires a lot of physical strength and effort. There is no denying that we all love doors that are easier to open and function far more smoothly. Building such a door requires thought and effort. Following are the six steps that are essential for a universal washroom door.

  1. Low Energy Door: It is only imperative that the door be easier to open. For that, the door should be low energy. This means that it requires lesser effort on the part of the user to get through the door. With such a door, you don’t need to use all your might simply to get through it.
  2. Control Kit: Even a low energy door needs to be controlled. A control kit with an electric strike needs to be installed. Such a device helps to close the door with ease and doesn’t lead to the banging of the door when closing the door.
  3. Call for Emergency: It is always best to be prepared for the worst. This can be done so by installing a call for an emergency kit. In an emergency, the user can call for the emergency kit. It will work to improve the safety and accessibility of the bathroom.
  4. Store Room Function Lever installation: The Storeroom function lever provides central system access. This will help tackle the situation when access is needed from the outside.
  5. Grab Bars and a mirror: Having appropriate grab bars can help significantly bring down the chances of accidents. It can also make washrooms easier to use. The installation company can guide you. They will help you choose and install the bars that would be best suited to your requirement.
  6. Door Operator: A crucial aspect in installation, the door operator is what helps the door to open and close. For ease of operation, it is recommended to have an operator that has a 110v power supply.

Ask the experts

All of this might sound a little bit daunting. The process can be turned into a cakewalk when you have the right experts. They will help you make the right decisions and build an accessible and universal bathroom door. Their unparalleled knowledge will help to take the stress away. The professionals at Access Control Pons have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that the installation is carried out smoothly.