Get a Salt-Free Water Softener to Get Rid Of Hard Water

Hard water is viewed as a common problem in Phoenix and to combat this problem; many people make use of salt for softening their water. However, with this process, the water tends to have a slimy feeling and today, people are getting concerned because those who are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure don’t wish for that extra salt included in the water that they use to drink or take a bath. Another point of concern is that the discarded salt water does leave an influence on the environment when it gets collected in the soil. Hence, to solve this problem, people do use salt-free water softeners.

The salt-free water softeners aren’t softeners and including salt in the water plus causing an ionic exchange helps in softening the water. This salt-free method conditions the water, and this process is known as a descaler. This softener makes use of a resin-plated ceramic surface for turning magnesium and calcium into one crystalline form which sticks to the ceramic surface until and unless it gets vast before breaking off into the water. Many people ask this question, “Where would I find salt-free water softner near me in Phoenix, AZ?” and for this, you have to visit your nearest store, or you can browse online sites too.

The top five salt-free water softeners

  • Aquios FS-220 Salt-free Water Softener – This water softener is extremely popular where it requires no electricity. Additionally, it doesn’t drop water pressure. It comes equipped with a 20-year guarantee, and it is intended to lessen the amount of space. This system filters and descales water for high drinkability and lessened mineral hardness.
  • Ecofine hard water wonder Salt-free Conditioner – This system takes excessively less space and does its work effectively on hot as well as cold water. This water softener is superior for small homes or second homes which don’t require a water softening solution or systematic filter exchanges.
  • Fountainhead Salt-free Water Softener – This water softener doesn’t use electricity, and it doesn’t require regular maintenance. Moreover, it doesn’t need to be drained as this system will not use salt for softening the mineral contents of the water.
  • Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener System – This is a perfect choice for homeowners who are re-seeking a water softener solution and at the same time, needs power and the efficiency of the traditional salt-based water softeners.
  • PurHome Premier Salt-Free Softener PS-1000 – This unit too doesn’t require electricity, and it doesn’t backwash water but preserves it.

Advantages of salt-free water softeners

The benefits of salt-free water softeners are many, and one significant advantage is these systems do not waste water like the salt-based systems. The salt-free systems are also less expensive, and they require remarkably less maintenance. If you buy one for your home, you won’t be needed to purchase replacement salt in every few weeks. Salt-based water softeners leave a slippery feeling in your hands, but this isn’t the case with the salt-free units. Countless people in Phoenix wish to buy a salt-free water softener for their home, so they often tell people, “Please help in locating a salt-free softener near me in Phoenix, AZ” and then they get to know of the store.