Choosing Your Snow Plow: 10 Traps To Avoid

Choosing your snow plow is no small task. Do you look in your neighborhood and on the Internet and see them at different prices without really understanding the differences?

You may choose one at random and hope it is knowledgeable and honest, and you may be disappointed with the quality of the service, or you may even go so far as to have to shovel and if so, try a different one—next winter.

Search For Snow Plowers

There are several options available to you to find the snow removal company that suits you. If the company uses beacons (stakes) in your neighborhood, you can refer to them to see the density of customers using the same company on your street. Your neighbors can give you references, or you can also broaden your Internet searches by typing ” snow removal in Laval ” or the Yellow Pages.

Check The Reputation Of The Snowplow.

Find out from your neighbors about the service they already use. Do not hesitate to visit websites that allow you to see opinions on the various companies that offer the service in your area, such as Google, Yellow Pages, Facebook, snow removal directory sites, etc. check for commercial snow removal services in Waterloo, IA

Request Quotes From Multiple Snowplows

Online, over the phone, or at their office, demand a written version with all the terms listed and details of the services.

Compare Snow Removal Quotes.

Compare the features one by one using our comparison chart, provided free with our quotes, and take your pick.

Traps To Avoid When Choosing A Snowplow

  • Company: Do not choose a company that does not have a storefront (for example, only a PO box), that has little experience, few or no references, no municipal snow removal permit, no garage or machinery maintenance team;
  • Customer Service: Do not stop your choice on a company that does not answer the phone, that filters its calls utilizing a voicemail, or that does not have a receptionist;
  • Contract: Avoid choosing a snowplow that gives you no contract at all costs, which only gives you a verbal commitment and imprecise or incomplete contract. Which has escape clauses such as certain conditions apply, subject to change without notice;
  • Payment: Never do business with a company that requires you to pay in cash without a receipt, with full prepayment;
  • Service: Beware of a snowplow that has only a low density of customers in your vicinity, or an unspecified, first pass the time also of a long-distance between the starting point and you as it will be challenging to obtain a good quality of service;
  • Precipitation: Several snow plows wait for the end of the precipitation to clear snow only once;
  • Damage to your property: Stay away from liability waivers, companies that do not use a report form or that do not have liability insurance;
  • Systems: Most snow plows do not use customer management or tractor tracking software;
  • Guarantees: no reimbursement;
  • Equipment: To have the best service possible, do not choose a contractor who has no replacement units, no mobile mechanical service unit, or whose equipment is old and is no longer guaranteed by the manufacturer.