5 Signs It’s Time to Call Emergency HVAC and Plumbing Service Provider

If a person is a homeowner, his utilities might have caused him some grief in the past few days. Air conditioners can break down, furnaces need to be repaired, plumbing systems can stop working, and HVAC systems can flood; it can all be an overwhelming situation. When something like that happens, make sure to call reputable and professional plumbing and HVAC services in Houston, Texas to get the job done fast. Here in this article discussed are six warning signs indicating it’s time to call emergency HVAC and plumbing contractors.

  • No response

This is uncommon but indicates a serious problem. If an individual is turning on the HVAC system and gets no response whatsoever, it’s time to call for emergency service. The best-case scenario is that there is an electrical issue with the thermostat rather than the HVAC unit itself. Either way, it is better to get the unit checked by professionals.

  • Gurgling and loud unusual sounds

If one is hearing gurgling sounds when using the shower or toilet and running the dishwasher or laundry, there might be a problem with the plumbing system. Usually, this gurgling sound is heard repeatedly when the plumbing system in the house is trying to find air. It will further lead to the backing up of water in a home.

Additionally, loose, broken, or misplaced components inside the HVAC system can lead to unwanted friction. This will make screaming, humming, or buzzing noises and can also cause more serious damage. When hearing such unusual sounds, make sure to contact professional plumbing and HVAC services in Houston, Texas.

  • Electrical issues

If a heating or AC system is operating independently from thermostat settings, randomly shutting on and off, or failing to work with certain settings, there could be an electrical issue. Although electrical issues aren’t always emergencies, leaving them unaddressed can cause bigger problems.

  • Lower water pressure

The build-up of gunk in the aerator of the faucet can cause lower water pressure in the house. This issue can be solved by crewing off the faucet. However, if it doesn’t help, then there are chances of having a water leak in the plumbing system, fractured pipes, or an eroded waterline. Instead of amplifying the problem by trying any DIY, it’s better to get professional help.

  • Poor airflow

If the airflow delivering the cooling or heating is poor, there are chances that air filters are clogged up. One can check and replace them if required. However, if that doesn’t make any difference or the air filters look fine, consider calling for emergency HVAC and plumbing services.


These problems can be avoided with regular annual maintenance. Otherwise, homeowners run the risk of a breakdown at the most unexpected time possible. A full-service plumbing and HVAC services in Houston, Texas are expert in servicing plumbing and HVAC systems. From furnace repair to air conditioning replacement to plumbing emergencies, a full-service company can take care of it all for homeowners. Instead of hiring numerous individual contractors, it is always better to work with one full-service plumbing and HVAC company to save time and cost.